Surgical Instructions

We want you to be as comfortable as possible after your procedure.  It is important to us that our patients are informed during every step of their treatment so that they are well prepared and have the chance to ask questions. The following information is a starting point for researching your procedure and should assist in developing a list of questions to ask during your consultation.  Always feel free to contact the office or emergency number with any questions or concerns.


 Continue biting on the gauze pressure dressing for 1-2 hours, not chewing but maintaining steady pressure.  After removal of the gauze, some minor oozing is normal for 24 - 48 hours.  Remember, the “pink saliva” on your pillow tomorrow morning is not unusual, but a mouth continuously filling with dark red blood is abnormal, and warrants an immediate return to the office….DAY or NIGHT.  Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows if possible.  The more you rest, the better you’ll feel.

Do not forcefully suck or spit, both of which pull the blood clot out of the socket and can cause bleeding and delayed healing.  Also, do not drink through a straw, drink hot liquids or drink carbonated beverages today.  Do not use commercial mouthwashes and do not smoke for several days.  Each of these actions tends to disrupt clot formation and could cause a “dry socket”.

Take your pain medication as directed on the label.  You should take the first tablet BEFORE the numbness begins to wear off.  By taking the pain medication early, it has time to begin working before the pain arrives.  Remember, pain medication takes nearly 30 minutes to start working.  ANTICIPATE your pain requirements.  Also, take your medication with plenty of fluids.  All pain medications can upset your stomach if you haven’t eaten, so make sure to eat something before you take the medications.

 You may eat anything that is comfortable to you.  If necessary a liquid, blender, or soft diet is satisfactory but DO NOT STOP EATING. Good nutrition is important to proper healing.  Just as important, drink lots of fluids.

 DON’T STOP BRUSHING YOUR TEETH.  A clean mouth heals faster and has less chance of infection.  Brush as usual but be cautious and gentle in the area around the surgical site(s).  Beginning the day after surgery, gently rinsing with warm salt water ever 2 - 3 hours will soothe the surgical sites and help keep them clean.

Reduce your physical activity for 48 hours following surgery.  If sutures (stitches) have been placed, you may need to return in 5 - 7 days for removal.


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